FREE Australian Commercial Lease Application

This free Commercial Lease Application for Australia is used to get information from a prospective tenant for a commercial property.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.



Note: All leases to include Guarantors; Souses/ Partners in the case of the lessee. Being a Private individual; and Directors of any company where the company is to be the lessee.

Name of the Applicant: [Name]

Address: [Address]

Date of Birth: [DOB]

Marital Status: [Status]

License number: [Number]

Telephone Number: [Number]

Reference: [Name and details]

Past Rental Experience:

[Describe in detail past commercial rental history, address of the premises, duration of the lease and Lessor’s details]


[Describe in detail the business for which the lease premises is intended].


Solicitor: [Name and details of the Solicitor]

Accountant: [Name and details of the Accountant]

Bank: [Name and details of the Banker]

I / We acknowledge and accept that the above referees may be contacted forthwith without further reference to the applicants.


I therefore authorise [Real Estate Company]:

• To obtain from credit reporting agency a credit report containing personal financial information about me in relation to this lease application made to the Lessors/Agents.

In accordance with Section 18N(1)(b) of the privacy Act, I authorise [Real Estate Company] to give to and obtain from credit providers named in this Lease Application and credit providers that may be named in a credit report issued by a credit reporting agency about my financial affairs. This information which may be given to an agency is covered by section 178E(1) of the Act and includes:

• The fact that CIA Real Estate Australia or the relevant Owners is a credit provider to me;


I understand the information be used for the following purposes.

• To asses an application by me for a credit or to lease a premises;

• To assess my credit worthiness

Applicant: Guarantor:

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