FREE Australian Apartment Lease Agreement (Furnished)

This free Apartment Lease Agreement can be used when renting a furnished apartment in Australia. It has the important terms for sucg leases included.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.


This Apartment Lease Agreement (“Agreement”) is made on [Date] by and between:

[Name], having his permanent place of residence at [Address] herein referred to as Lessor;


[Name], having his permanent place of residence at [Address] herein referred to as Lessee.

On basis of mutual covenants, terms and conditions as agreed between the Lessor and the Lessee, the lessor leases to the Lessee and Lessee rents from Lessor for use as a residence, a two-bedroom apartment along with furniture and fixtures, as provided in the list as Annexure- I along with this Agreement, located at [Address], known as the Apartment.

2. TERM:

The initial term of this lease is [Term] to commence on [Starting Date] and to end on [Ending Date] on the following terms and conditions provided in this Agreement.

3. RENT:

Lessee agrees to pay as rent for the Apartment AUD $ [Amount] per week, payable by cash, bank transfer, check or money order, without demand, two weeks in advance. 4. SECURITY DEPOSIT:

On execution of this agreement, Lessee shall deposits with Lessor the additional sum of AUS $ [Security Deposit], or three week rents, as rental bonds, receipt of which is acknowledged by Lessor, as security for the full and faithful performance by Lessee of this agreement. 5. UTILITIES:

The Lessor’s responsibility for payment to entities providing utilities and other services to the Apartment during the term of the Lease.


Any failures by the Lessee to pay rent or other charges promptly when due shall constitute a default herein under and permit Lessor at its option to terminate this Lease Agreement upon 14 days' written or verbal notice to Lessee.


The conditions of the lease are separate, the validity of each not being dependent upon the other. This lease constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. This lease shall be construed according to the New South Wales Office of Fair Trading, New South Wales, Landlord and Tenant (Rental Bonds) Act 1977 and New South Wales, Residential Tenancies Act 1987 and the Residential Parks Act 1998.

In witness whereof, the parties agree to all terms and conditions of the above written agreement.

Lessor Lessee

___________________________________ _________________________________


Annexure- I

List of Furniture and Fixtures

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