FREE Australian Copyright Cease and Desist Letter

A free Copyright Cease and Desist Letter for Australia designed to be used when notifying a party of the unauthorized use of intellectual property.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.


[On the Official letter-head]



Re: Unauthorized Use of Proprietary and Intellectual Property material

Dear [Name],

It has recently come to my knowledge that [insert name of company] is selling [e.g., verbatim copies of power points I have created and use]] for [enter course name/title]. I am the instructor for that course and the author of [insert the description of the materials being infringed].


I am writing to direct you immediately to cease and desist from reproducing and distributing my [insert description of materials].

I am the sole owner of copyright in [description of materials] as I am the prior owner and developer of the same. As the sole owner of copyright, I hold the exclusive right to reproduce, modify, post, and distribute those materials and to grant others permission to exercise one or more of those rights.

Accordingly, [Name of the Infringing company] has no lawful right to copy, distribute, advertise, offer for sale and/or sell any material that copies, in whole or in part, or is based on my [description of materials]. I demand that you immediately:

1. Remove all “notes” for from your list of available course materials.

2. Destroy copies of [description of materials] including any computer stored versions.

3. Provide written assurances to me that you have complied with these directives and will not in the future accept for sale or sell any of my copyrighted course materials.

It is finally also requested to you that on receipt of this letter, please submit this information and your written assurances to me no later than [Date] so I do not have to consider further action. failing which I shall be free to initiate any suitable and applicable legal action against you or any person responsible for the same under the general laws of protection of intellectual property of the [State] of Australia.

Best regards,



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