FREE Australian General Affidavit

This free General Affidavit can be used in Australia in place of in court testimony to declare that certain facts are true. It is in essence a statement under oath.

Disclaimer:This was not drafted by an attorney & should not be used as a legal document.


I, [Name of the Deponent], of [Address] in the State of [State], [Occupation], make oath and say as follows:

[Narrate the facts necessary for the present Affidavit]

I make the above statement under oath and affirmation of belief and personal knowledge that the above-mentioned paragraphs are true and correct to my personal knowledge.


By the above-named Deponent [Name of the Deponent], At [Address where Affidavit is made] in the State of [State], signature of deponent the [Day] of [Month] [Year], before me


(Name of J.P.)



Signature of J.P.

My Commission Expires on [Date]

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